Role Model news

3. února 2009 v 15:35 | Posted by Rita |  Official Sites
Na MySpace RMC se objevila nová zpráva, že nyní při nákupu nad 50$ dostanete také valentýnskou Role Model šálu! Navíc byly až do konce února prodlouženy slevy až o 70%, takže teď je ten pravý čas uskutečnit velkou objednávku ;)

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Herro Prease

1. února 2009 v 0:57 | Posted by Rita |  Blogy
Na MOTH MySpace se objevila nová zpráva od Sebastiena!

Current mood: artistic
The season finale has been filmed! That's right. Short to keep it light for download, but hey! You get to see us talk about the songs, or videos rather, we play and play dress up.
Also, Pat and i started a new format for the show. An actual series in french. We will keep doing the show in english, with a little bit of a new format from time to time, and now will have a permanent instalement in french as well were we will try to incorporate Québec and Montréal bands.
Redesigning the myspace too to turn it more into a personal Sébastien one, where all the updates on various shows and projects will take place.
Time off has been productive as you can see. Later

Allo les amis! Juste un petit mot pour vous dire que Pat et moi avons commencer à faire un Podcast en français, juste pour vous. La musique et les mauvaises blagues sont toujours au rendez-vous. Je vais mettre plus de détails sur le nouveau myspace bientôt!


SP vlogují z All Star Game

30. ledna 2009 v 17:58 | Posted by Rita |  Official Sites

Kluci pro nás minulý týden na All Star Game natočili nový vlog:

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